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For Austria to remain internationally competitive, companies must take advantage of the digitalization potential. Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers great opportunities for optimizations and new business models, especially in the manufacturing industry.

For many companies, it is still difficult to identify in which AI technologies to invest. More than 50% of small businesses and over 30% of medium-sized enterprises in Austria do not use the relevant technologies yet. AI applications are only in the single-digit range.

The Digital Innovation Hub “Artificial Intelligence for Production” (AI4P) aims to fill this gap by connecting the relevant actors at the national level:

  • Colleges and technical colleges as educators of future AI experts
  • Competence centers and non-university research institutions as experts in the field
  • Platforms and clusters as corporate networks
  • Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKÖ) and Austrian Chamber of labor (Arbeiterkammer) as multipliers
  • This way, domestic companies should obtain easy access to the AI know-how, technology and infrastructure.

AI4P supports Austrian companies in developing, implementing and anchoring their specific digitization projects, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence for Production is an initiative that currently includes 40 partners and is coordinated by the Industry 4.0 platform and Know-Center.


Access to the AI know-how
and infrastructure

  1. Mobilizing Austrian companies to actively participate in the digital transformation
  2. Strengthening the competitiveness of Austrian companies
  3. Supporting the development of competence in companies

Interlinking the Austrian innovation system

  1. Cross-regional best practice exchange and knowledge transfer
  2. Improved cooperation at the national level
  3. Comprehensive integration into European networks
  4. Participating in European Digital Innovation Hub initiatives

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